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So what exactly is streaming? …and why stream?

Streaming is watching TV through the Internet — a growing trend that could very well be the future of all TV.

The advantage of streaming is you can pause, save, resume, and skip when viewing. You can even binge watch an entire TV series at one sitting. You have almost unlimited options from TV shows, Movies, Music, and more — at any time.

Most streaming is provided through subscriptions with companies like Netflix, Disney, ESPN, and others. They offer ever increasing selections, and some allow you to “rent” the newest movie releases.

To stream you need fast, reliable Internet service and either a newer “smart” TV or an external device like a Roku Box, or Apple TV device. Most gaming platforms, like Microsoft’s X-box provide streaming capabilities.

This tech minute brought to you by DUO Broadband - the high-speed fiber Internet experts.

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Are you a gamer? Or, maybe your kids are...

If the last video game you played was PacMan, or if you’ve never played video games at all, it might be hard to appreciate the appeal and requirements of today’s online gaming.

Arcades are practically gone. Development of the Internet transformed everything. It allowed people to compete with other people either far away, or across the street. 

But it was the development of broadband networks that really changed gaming. It allowed game developers to build elaborate, immersive 3d virtual worlds to explore and compete in. Games like Fortnite, Madden NFL, and Minecraft are beautiful to look at, experience, and play!

Modern video games require powerful processors in computers and game consoles. More importantly, they also require very fast Internet. AND, if your gaming device is connected through WiFi, the WiFi needs to be fast as well.

DUO Broadband is the high-speed fiber Internet experts, offering the next generation GigaSpire BLAST router and mesh extender to make the most of your broadband speed! 



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And does your home need to be smarter?

Smart Home is a general term that can refer to any number of features in a house that are Internet-enabled — with the purpose of making your life easier and your home more efficient. These can include turning on lights, monitoring security cameras, adjusting your thermostat, and much more.

The simplest to install smart home components include Internet assistants, like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home, that perform simple tasks when asked by voice. These devices utilize the internet for commands like: remind me to check the oven in 30 minutes, what’s the meaning of a certain word, or, play some country music.

With additional connected devices —and fast, reliable Internet— these assistants can pre-heat your oven, unlock a door with smart locks, and even start your car on a cold day, all from the comfort of your couch. Plus, you can do all this away from home with a mobile phone or computer.

Reliable, high speed Broadband Internet from DUO is a key component of any smart home, and with our Gig router and mesh extender you can get the most from your connection.



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And why would you want to?

While there is nothing wrong with paying your bills the traditional way, writing checks, stuffing envelopes, adding postage, and using the postal system, you might want to consider a faster option. Online bill pay has been around for years, and while nothing is 100% safe, today’s security and encryption for paying bills through the Internet is very robust. 

Of course, precautions are important, like never share personal information responding to unsolicited calls. Never click links from unsolicited emails or texts. Change your password periodically, and create long passwords. Use a secure network to make payments, like your home wifi, not hotels or coffee shops. 

The advantages of paying bills online include time saved, convenient access to accurate account balances, no postage costs, less paperwork, and, less paper waste.

Call 270-343-3131 today if you have any questions about DUO Broadband's online bill pay. website displayed on different device screens.

This week DUO Broadband launched its redesigned website. The new site has an updated look, but longtime users should find it familiar and easy to navigate.

“We wanted to be sure our customers wouldn’t have difficulty getting used to a new design, so the menu matches pretty closely to our previous site,” said Eric West, Director of Marketing at DUO Broadband. “In fact, it should be easier to use. The main reason for the new look was to make it easier for business customers to access the information and services pertinent to their needs.”

The home page of the website gives visitors a choice of whether to view business or residential offerings. DUO Broadband provides a number of products and services geared toward business customers, including a complete evaluation of network and system needs for any size business.

“DUO Broadband is moving into new markets, areas where the ‘DUO’ name is not as well known. Our website is our opportunity to tell the story of what we do and the services we offer,” said West. “We need to tell that story as clearly and concisely as possible, and there’s a lot to tell. We feel this latest version of the website does it very well.” The site makes accessing new or expanded services easier than ever with simple online forms. This allows DUO Customer Service Representatives to prepare the most appropriate options and pricing to fit a customer’s needs. 

DUO Broadband customers are using the website more than ever, and traffic has noticeably increased over recent months. 

“The new reality of social distancing has made our website more important than ever,” said Tom Preston, DUO Broadband CEO. “If customers can get the information about services from our website instead of coming into one of our retail locations, that’s helpful to them, to us, and our community overall.”

Links to customer email and account portals (where bills can be paid online) are accessible at the top of every page. Live chat support (another very popular feature) is now easier to access, as well as DUO’s Lake Cumberland webcam.

The new website is also updated for tighter security and better web performance. The URL is the same as before:, however, some internal pages will have new addresses and any bookmarked pages may need to be updated.

DUO Broadband continues to monitor the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Our priority is the health of our employees, customers, and our community. However, we know the broadband and phone services we provide remain critical for students, businesses, health care, and other applications in the days ahead. We take very seriously the continuity of business operations, so our network is stable and available all the time. We will continue to prepare for the impacts of COVID-19 and we will continue to actively review and update our business plan to address the ever-changing nature of this situation. We are considering all options to help maintain operations and provide uninterrupted service to customers.

We are implementing new policies for our staff and our operations to continue to provide service without interruptions to the best of our ability.


Alternatives to Visiting Our Customer Service Center

  1. The drive-thru is open at our Jamestown and Columbia locations during normal business hours. We are also still taking calls on our business lines 270-343-3131 in Russell County, 270-378-4141 in Adair County, 270-433-2121 in Cumberland County, or toll-free 877-343-3131.  However, our lobbies are closed to customer traffic.
  2. You can use our webpage at for many items including visiting the My Account Care page to register for free online bill pay.
  3. Bills can be paid by mail to DUO Broadband, P.O. Box 80, Jamestown, KY 42629.
  4. Billing inquiries and Bills can be paid by phone using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or Check by calling the above numbers during normal business hours.
  5. You can reach customer service by calling the above numbers during normal business hours.
  6. During normal business hours, you can chat with a customer service rep: chat 
  7. You can email customer service at
  8. Follow our Facebook page for the quickest way to monitor news and changes.

Technical Support for Your Internet Services

Our help desk remains open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Call 270-343-3131 in Russell County, 270-378-4141 in Adair County, or 270-433-2121 in Cumberland County or email You can also chat with technical support at

We Will Continue to Work Troubles, Installs and Provide Other Services at Your Homes and Businesses

We are taking other measures based on the advice of the CDC, and other experts, to try and keep our facilities free of the virus and protect our employees and customers.

We will update you if our policies change. We do appreciate your patience during this time. DUO Broadband exists to serve the needs of our customers and improve your quality of life. We will do our absolute best to meet your needs in the days ahead.

For information about COVID-19, visit the CDC website at

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Help us improve customer service.

Help us improve customer service.