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Preferred Carrier Freeze

Fax or mail this form to DUO Broadband to freeze your long-distance carrier

In today’s competitive telecommunications environment, a significant problem known as “slamming” has developed in which the telecommunications companies chosen by subscribers are changed without their consent.

In order to minimize the expense and inconvenience which may result from “slamming”, DUO Broadband now offers its subscribers the additional protection of a “freeze” of their accounts. Subscribers may freeze the carrier providing their long distance services; however, FCC Rules require a separate authorization for each service.

If you choose to order a Preferred Carrier Freeze, DUO Broadband will not change your long distance carrier without your direct authorization. This means that before you or anyone else changes your specified carrier, one of the following must occur:

1. You authorize DUO Broadband in writing or by e-mail to lift the freeze.

2. You verbally request DUO Broadband, either in person or by telephone, to lift the freeze from the telephone line for which the change is to be made. This telephone call may be on a three-way conference call with the carrier to which you are changing the service and a representative of DUO Broadband. We will ask for identifying information during this call.

These actions are required by the FCC in addition to the FCC’s verification procedures for changing a preferred carrier.

In some circumstances, a long distance carrier may change your preferred carrier to or from another long distance company which resells the services of that carrier. DUO Broadband has no way of preventing these changes under the current FCC rules.

There is no charge for establishing a Preferred Carrier Freeze or for lifting the freeze. The charge for changing long distance carriers is $5.00.

A separate authorization is required for each service for which you request a freeze. As listed on the authorization form, “intralata toll” means local toll; “interlata toll” means long distance calls to places outside the local toll area.


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