IRS Refund Available Soon on Long Distance Tax

DUO Broadband calls customers’ attention to the fact that, effective August 1, 2006, the 3% federal excise tax will no longer apply to the long-distance charges that appear on your bill. The tax will still be applied to other charges that pertain to local service-only according to a recent ruling by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

All customers should be aware that the IRS has announced that it will refund the portion of the excise tax applied to long-distance charges from Feb. 28, 2003 until Aug. 1, 2006. You will not receive any refunds from DUO Broadband; rather, you will apply for refunds directly from the IRS when you file your 2006 income tax return next year. The IRS has said it will make more information available by July 31 on how taxpayers will apply for refunds, and you will be able to get details online, at