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Manage your Duo County Telecom Account, See What's Playing on Duo2, Look Up Local Phone Numbers, Check Our Lake Cumberland Webcam and More!

  • Samsung Galaxy S 4 duo app 200View current bill & make a payment
  • Manage account information
  • Update billing information
  • Add phone services
  • Add video services
  • Add Internet services
  • Look up phone numbers in our coverage area, including search by name, address or reverse look up by phone number
  • Access useful Duo County Telecom video tutorials (help with equipment setup and troubleshooting)
  • Check what's playing on Duo2 Live and Local Video Channel
  • See what's playing on Duo County Telecom's On Demand Video Service
  • Get the latest info and deals from Duo County Telecom
  • View our Lake Cumberland panorama webcam
  • Access complete contact information for Duo County Telecom staff

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