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The CommandIQ Dashboard gives you complete control over the devices in your home. You can access a list of connected devices by selecting "Things" from the main window or from the tool bar at the bottom. You can easily find your network details here to connect
a new device to your Wi-Fi.

All devices are placed into a variety of categories, here are a few examples:

  • All devices
  • Other
  • Phone
  • Media player
  • Computer
  • Console
  • Camera
  • Television
  • Network

You can also access a list of these connected devices, by selecting All Devices.

When you select a category, devices identified in that category will be shown.

You can use the directional arrows below each section to expand or collapse any category.

From this view you can see basic information about each Wi-Fi connected device on your network, including:

  1. Device identification
  2. Signal strength of the device
  3. How it is connected to the network

If you tap on a device from the Device Details screen it will bring up additional details:

The device details screen will show the device name at the top of the screen followed by a chart that indicates the amount of data that was used by the device over a period of time. 

By tapping into the edit function in the upper right hand corner, you can rename the device to
something easier for you to identify. 

You can also change the category for this device by selecting the drop down button found within “Additional Details.”

Data Usage shows data used by this specific device. The bottom box shows additional connection details for this device. By toggling the On/Off button in the Internet Access section you can turn off or on Wi-Fi for this device. 

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Help us improve customer service.