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Thanks to all who came out for this year's Annual Meeting!

Over 250 members attended the brief annual meeting with an estimated 320+ in attendance as a whole.

The meeting's business portion was conducted like in years past with an adjournment not long after calling the meeting to order, then on to giving out the great door prizes!

Attendees were in and out in little over an hour so they could attend the Russell County Fair for the evening if they wanted to do so.

Here are this year's winners:

news ciq device lists 1200

The CommandIQ Dashboard gives you complete control over the devices in your home. You can access a list of connected devices by selecting "Things" from the main window or from the tool bar at the bottom. You can easily find your network details here to connect
a new device to your Wi-Fi.

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Smart home (or IoT) devices are becoming more popular and easier to use than ever before. If you’re using any of these devices in your home, or are thinking about adding one or more to your home, you should give some thought to how you’re connecting these devices to your WiFi network.

 news virtual assistant 1200

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are artificial intelligent software agents that perform services or tasks based on voice commands. VAs can work through computers, smartphones, car dashboards, or stand-alone devices like Amazon’s Echo.

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Part of the joy of having a smart home is being able to control things with just the sound of your voice. And thankfully, the GigaSpire BLAST connects with Amazon Alexa. And setting it up is a simple process.

guest network 1200

How often do you have guests at your home ask for your WiFi password? Many of us think nothing of giving the password to our friends and family, or our kids’ friends. But you may not realize that you’re putting your own network security at risk. How? Guests could unknowingly download malware or connect to your network with already-infected devices, which could then infect everything else within the network. But that’s not the only reason to use a guest network.



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Help us improve customer service.